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The Ostrom Institute is a nonpartisan think tank and policy advocacy organization standing for civil liberties, open societies, free markets and evidence-based policy.

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Why Elinor Ostrom?

The institute is named in honour of Elinor Ostrom, first woman ever awarded with a Nobel Prize in Economics. Ostrom's pioneering ideas on economic analysis, the importance of freedom of association and the role of institutions and civic participation set a benchmark and guide the activity of this think tank.

The Ostrom Institute is a proud global partner of the Atlas Network. For four decades, Atlas has been a leader in the creation of a worldwide movement for individual liberty, free enterprise and limited government, supporting more than 450 think tanks from over 90 countries.

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At the Ostrom Institute, we fund our activities thanks to people like you who consider freedom to be a prized asset. Become a member or make a donation to help build the foundation for an open, prosperous society of free citizens.

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Founding principles

1. Acceptance of pluralism

2. Practise of tolerance

3. Protection of civil rights

4. Defence of individual liberties

5. Promotion of inclusive institutions

6. Development of open societies

7. Creation of a free market economy

8. Commitment to fiscal moderation


A Conversation with Deirdre McCloskey

Interview to Deirdre McCloskey, Distinguished Professor of Economics, History, English and Communication at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and author of the Burgeois Trilogy

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